Bitcoin and Blockchain Developer was Contacted by the US Government for Consulting Work

Bitcoin and Blockchain Developer attempted to Get Recruited by the US Government


Bitcoin and Blockchain developer Peter ToddBitcoin and Blockchain developer Peter Todd has been contacted by the US government to consult on bitcoin and blockchain developments. This is not surprising at all knowing that the world largest banks show interest in blockchain technology. These banks demonstrated their interest via R3 CEV project and some other biggest technology firms by the Hyperledger Project. Count in the huge names in most coveted banking and technology like Wells Fargo and IBM. Both have entered the blockchain industry.

Peter Todd has been a long time Bitcoin and Blockchain developer and according to his tweet, he got a call consulting a gig for a US government project that has something to do with BTC blockchain sentiment analysis for intelligence purposes.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Developer was Contacted by the US Government Contacted for Consulting WorkThis news makes the Bitcoiners a little nervous because they simply do not trust the centralized banking and the government. This is the very reason why they embrace bitcoin and Blockchain. Todd believes that there are only few people who are qualified for this kind of work and he said that for the sake of morality they said no already.

The conversation between Bitcoin and Blockchain developer and the government is not a long one. Todd said that the government representative who he already met asked him if he could provide a security clearance. He told them that he don’t even want to sign a NDA for that kind of job. In twitter, he added that he told the government representative that he will be very happy to work with something like finding for security and privacy bugs on one condition. He could publish them and fix if necessary. He said that he has high degree of sympathy for these kinds of projects because he has a family and friends working in a military and intelligence.

However as a developer it is a big ethical violation. The agency that called Todd might be interested in huge numbers of Cryptocurrency being unexpectedly moved. This is what Todd believed when he received the call.

Todd as Bitcoin and Blockchain Developer

Bitcoin and Blockchain Developer was Contacted by the US Government Contacted for Consulting WorkTodd as a developer has been involved with different bitcoin start-ups. Some of these start-ups are DarkWallet and Coinkite. He is one of the most respected individuals in the industry of bitcoin. Before the government approaches him, he is already not in favor of the government’s participation with the bitcoin procedure.

He said that from this day forward we will see more of the government acting against the bitcoin core protocol. At some conferences he attended he came to chat with some of the regulators who are wishing to change bitcoin in order to be part of the payment systems. However, these changes mean providing identification information and making funds blacklisting possible with bitcoin transaction.

Todd is the creator of treechains in which he designed it to have blockchain scalability and sidechains interoperability.

Todd is not the first Bitcoin and Blockchain core developer that has been approached by the government agencies. In 2012, it was Gavin Andresen who had discussed this technology with the CIA. Many believe that this discussion with the Central Intelligence Agency was the reason why bictoin and Blockchain founder Satoshi Nakamoto left the digital currency arena.

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