Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Entering the Age of Practicality

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Entering the Age of PracticalityBitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – What the future holds for?


Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain were the buzz in 2015. As we entered the New Year. This is a powerful exercise to understand what had gone wrong and what is doing well in our lives, relationships and business in the past year, and how to plan for 2016. Yes, Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain were the buzz in 2015 and today let’s think of what the future holds for these technologies? How can Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain help us in our lives in a long run? Is it going to take its new heights this year or it will be just a memory of 2015? Is it a safe investment? Is it practical to use Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ?


There are many questions around Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies as they are still considered as a baby in the industry. Even though this is the case, many investors and companies already spent millions of dollars from the beginning of the adoption of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain.


Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Entering the Age of PracticalitySome companies already had success to build a solid foundation with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Those companies know how important the foundation is in any businesses. Without foundation everything will fall down. We will mention these companies who created success with bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain in the last part of the article. The question now after building a foundation is what’s next? How will evolve Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and how to leverage them?


Bitcoin cyrptocurrency and blockchain – What’s next to for the companies and investors?


Being in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry or else, we all know that building a foundation is the beginning and also that it takes time to put on another block in the building on top of the foundation after it has been created. It takes time to heal and to be strong enough to hold another building on top of it. This is where all things become uncomfortable.


Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Entering the Age of PracticalityBeing practical is what’s next for bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain investors? Sure, you want to incorporate everything with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain. You want to put everything in the blockchain but it is too overwhelming to hold too much, especially it is just founded. What is practical is problem solving. Any good businessman knows that the secret to success is giving solutions to the real-world problems.


Many believe that having everything in the blockchain will solve all the problems bitcoin cryptocurrency will be facing in the future. This is not always the case. To have continued success we must be honest about what Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain is and what it can do for the business.


Blockchain is a database where are the transactions with cryptocurrencies has been recorded. There will be problems that will arise in the future. People in the industry should study and be aware on what blockchain can hold and what it cannot.


People in the industry of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain should be disciplined and companies and investors should look into this. This is a challenge for them. They should create a system to discipline everyone with every transaction. They must foresee what the ledger can’t do and find solutions before it’s too late.


New Year is the perfect time to plan ahead and to build what it should be that will be fruitful for everybody and the whole Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry. To find the solution, you must find the problem first. Study the struggles of the previous year. Hear the people’s concern then make a plan.


Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Companies who created success with them


Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Entering the Age of PracticalityCompanies who are created success already with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain and will continue on such manner doesn’t only build the foundation but they also foresee the troubles in the future and create solution for us.

Blockcypher – this company is Amazon’s blockchain tech web services. This company has full suite tools where you can create a private blockchain solutions easily because early on they already create versatility which started with bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin cryptocurrencies.

BitGo and Coinbase – these are Bitcoin’s first national banks. They are now expanding to be the world’s FX and bitcoin banks.  They provide the foundations for the developers where they can construct any kind of heavy transaction applications.

Zapchain – this company on the other hand gets the all the benefits of the simple API Coinbase give for re-imagine social communities’ tipping.

Chain and – these companies focused on private blockchains and interaction tools to communicate with them.

R3 – this creates a base for significant incumbents’ engagement by getting a bit of mindshare at some of the world’s largest banks.

This year is very promising for all us in the bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It is time to move forward and start solving problems for the prosperity bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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