Cryptocurrency Exchange (HitBTC) Strengthens USD and EUR Depositing

Cryptocurrency Exchange, HitBTC Supports USD & EUR Depositing

Cryptocurrency Exchange (HitBTC) Strengthens USD and EUR DepositingOn October 11, 2016, HitBTC, a stable cryptocurrency exchange announced to the public the increase support given to the USD and EUR depositing. Start from this date, fresh registered users can pass easily on the process of verification, then deposit the traditional money on the accounts, and go straight to trading their cryptocurrency.

HitBTC exchange offers 20 more trading markets aside from other famous cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin. EUR and USD can be paired directly to other more unusual digital currencies and the exchange company is listing new cryptocurrencies continuously.

 Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Exchange (HitBTC) Strengthens USD and EUR DepositingWith the increase of support for traditional money, HitBTC is targeting to entice professionals, get into conventional types of exchange such as commodities, forex trading, stock markets and others.

HitBTC product manager Paul Clarkson said:

“After three years of hard work, we’re finally ready to bring mainstream traders to cryptocurrencies, and vice versa. Сryptocurrency trading is a young, sharp, and fluctuating, yet quite established field. Like any other markets, cryptocurrencies are influenced by a plenty of factors, and follow certain patterns that can be analyzed and used professionally for making profit. Therefore, we’re making steps towards traders, so that they can capitalize their knowledge in a relatively new, promising niche.”

Regardless of the way that blockchain innovations and resources emerge and pick up footing on an annoyingly customary premise, computerized monetary forms still haven’t crossed the hole between the educated group that plays around with blockchain advances, and the genuine business world that requirements cryptocurrencies to satisfy its particular needs. This is particularly the case in circle of exchanging, where most trades want to remain a corner play area for cyberpunk devotees, as opposed to assemble a strong exchanging stage, which requires speculations, sanctioning, and bolster for customary monetary instruments.

Cryptocurrency and Traditional Finance

Cryptocurrency Exchange (HitBTC) Strengthens USD and EUR DepositingOn the other hand, HitBTC plans to achieve the standard budgetary market, by developing into an entryway amongst cryptocurrencies and customary fund. The most imperative segments of this procedure are:

  • Due diligence. HitBTC actualizes KYC to recognize and confirm its customers. KYC permits to manufacture connection between virtual monetary standards and genuine fiat exchanging. Each enrolled client can check their record to begin keeping EUR/USD, and exchange virtual coins for conventional monetary forms.
  • Transparency. HitBTC is an enrolled trademark, claimed and worked by Beta Business Solutions Inc. The trade stage and business giving instruments are rented under a stage as an administration (PaaS) demonstrate.
  • Dependable API. The API gives the most practical access to HitBTC offices. It offers access to the market information, permits performing exchanging operations, gives reserves administration, and that’s just the beginning. The API is robot-accommodating and can be utilized for algorithmic exchanging.
  • FIX protocol support. Dissimilar to whatever other crypto trade, HitBTC gives support to the Financial Information eXchange convention. While FIX is an accepted standard for exchange correspondence in the worldwide value showcase, it hasn’t been executed for cryptocurrency exchanging before now.
  • Market creators’ special offers. HitBTC gives exceptional contracts to both individual market producers, and organizations that know how to run the business sectors. Advertise making is likewise conceivable through the HitBTC’s APIs.
  • Reporting in advance. The trade group is centered on making valuable exchanging apparatuses, subsequently; all customary reports like trade analysis and profit and loss report are highlighted on HitBTC, and can be utilized by each client.

In addition, Paul Clarkson said:

“Besides having a professional team of developers, we have a well-organized team of financiers, and outsourced trading experts. The massive financial expertise allows us to make our product mature for penetrating the traditional financial market. As for development, we are especially proud of our support for FIX, which is unprecedented for bitcoin exchanges.”

As HitBTC is as of now completed with center advancement, it is currently prepared to connect with newcomers with 0% storing charges that can be asked for by all new checked clients from October 6 to October 20, 2016.


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