Cryptocurrency Scam Alert : Coinspace

Cryptocurrency Scam Alert : Coinspace

Cryptocurrency Coinspace has been reported as Scam

Cryptocurrency gains followers, supporters, believers and popularity nowadays but not only that, they also get imitators. These imitators are troublesome because they take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to take advantage of other people. These imitators are nothing but scammers. These people are so scary for they will bring a negative impact on all of the cyrptocurrencies. The so-called scammer according to the news is Ante Keleva, the founder of Coinspace.

Is Coinspace a legitimate cryptocurrency?

The issue regarding the legitimacy of Coinspace as a cryptocurrency has been brought up by a concern citizen that states that a veteran Bitcoiner can easily determine that this particular selfclaimed cryptocurrency is a scam. However, the concern is brought up for people who have little knowledge about cryptocurrency and might fall into the trap. Below is his letter:

“Basically they are building a pyramid scheme (sorry, I mean binary member system), where you can buy in and get some hashing power from their cloud mining service. Also they claim, that they will release a new cryptocurrency (S-Coin), which only they will be mining. More absurdly – when the coin comes out, they claim that it will have a value of 1€ and after some time even more. Also the rewards for members are extravagant (iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, BMWs, luxury trips), not to mention the money which they promise from the mining service.”

bitcoin_scamCoinspace cryptocurrency was based on Malta and does have multiple websites all over the net. They have websites and other blogs. You can also see their videos all over the YouTube channels. It says that when their custom cryptocurrency has been launched, the 1 Euro value is in the bag. This reminds us of Paycoin scam of Josh Garza.

In one of the videos about this misleading cryptocurrency there is a male with a British accent who speaks about mailing of the “coins” to the buyers. In the video variety of packages has been presented and you can start to buy in with a minimum of 300 Euros which is a very small amount to start with if you are a veteran investor in the cryptocurrency arena. This amount doesn’t really hurt that much if you lose it in the process. What is alarming is that their packages are up to 12,000 Euros which is really a great deal and it can lead to a serious financial trouble and highly deceptive experience while starting a cryptocurrecy journey.

It is such a relief that these Coinspace cryptocurrency videos haven’t gone viral yet, at least not now. So it is a must that the public should be warned about it to avoid future trouble for them and the image of cryptocurrency.

Knowing that scammers are on their way to work with cryptocurrency is enough reason for the authority to take actions towards it.

The more popular and progressive cryptocurrency is the more it is pleasing the eyes for the fraudster to get into it and use it.

bitcoin-cryptocurrency-hackFor all the public to know that the cryptocurrency Coinspace possesses all scam qualities. If the offer is too good to be true, you know it isn’t true. Coinspace also failed to deliver the importance and value of Scoin in their videos. Another strange thing about it is that it promised to mail this “coins” to their clients where in fact when you are talking about cryptocurrency you should be saying that you will send the coins to the block chain. Why mail it?

Bitcion as the first ever cryptocurrency has been a major success. But even though cryptocurrency is a trend to watch out there is no guarantee what will happen in the future with the new coins created. People should know not to listen to over-promising presentations with extravagant offerings. Bitcoin as an example is a hit and seems booms back again but then its price had dropped down to $200 all of a sudden. Like any other investments there is no guaranteed returns in cryptocurrency and people who tried to invest should have this mind or else they will fall into the traps of the scammers.

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  1. Dmitriy says:

    I heard several time about this company and digital currency

    Some aspects sound really weird to me but I was not sure.

    Your article clarifies several things for me. thanks

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