Cryptocurrency to Send to Mars

Cryptocurrency Petitioned To NASA to Send to Mars


Cryptocurrency to Send to MarsCryptocurrency Bitcoin has been petitioned to be sent out to Mars by a former software engineer of Facebook, Roman Koshlyak which is also currently the Troider CEO. He is asking the independent agency to make Bitcoin wallets for Opportunity and Curiosity and add private keys to Mars.


“Curiosity” is a robotic rover which is a car-seized. It explores the Mars’ Gale Crater as part of the mission of NASA, the Mars Science Laboratory, according to Wikipedia since its landing on the 6th of August 2012.


“Opportunity”, on the other hand lands on 2002, a bit older than curiosity but it remains on the red planet to undertake explorations.


Rovers with Private Key Sending Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency to Send to MarsIf these rovers are given a private key, then sending Cryptocurrency to that address would be counted as the first transaction ever made. It will be a historical event for Cryptocurrency and a cultural revolutionary we could have. It is because for the first time, we could be able to send money from earth to the outer space.


About, how to access the money from that planet is another story. As we know, there are no humans living in Mars and also the outer space doesn’t have an internet. But, they are executing plans for this.


The founder of PayPal, previously known as, Elon Musk, and the present SpaceX founder has revealed his plans to send satellites to the outer space, hundreds of them! The aim is to create a global communication system in a short period of time and the longer period plan is to create a system that will reach the planet Mars.


This is not the only revelation that Musk has been said but he also wants to inhabit Mars all by himself. He was hoping to make us a multi-planetary species by building a city that can sustain itself and near to earth.


These are really quite ambitious plans for there is no man that has set foot on Mars because it has no atmosphere and as far as the latest report shows there is no water as well. Even if the task would be huge, there are resources that can make it happen. With the abilities that human has, we can build such colony.


Furthermore, Robert Walker, Pennysylvania Republican former Congressman as well as Trump senior advisor told Forbes  that Musk might get support from the administration of Trump administration which in his campaign message, space exploration a major part.


Why we would like to establish base in Mars? There are three main reasons. One in case of catastrophe, we can ensure our survival. Second is earth has growing population and sooner we will run out of space and third, we might discover something that would be useful for us and we can explore the universe even more.


Bitcoin as the Inter-Planetary Currency


Cryptocurrency to Send to MarsIf ever colony has been made in Mars, basic commerce would arise and it requires currency which traditional banking won’t work and internet is limited. To transfer currency in minutes, Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is the answer. It doesn’t require any intermediary and the Martians can have their own coins or wallets with keys that are hidden under scratchable laminated bars.


There’s nothing wrong in dreaming and believing that it could happen. Before all of these, before everything that we have, everything seems impossible as well. In today’s world, nothing is impossible. Cryptocurrency is not only the future money but as well soon-to-be an inter-planetary currency.

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