Cryptocurrency XEM Added By Japanese Trading Platform Zaif

Cryptocurrency XEM Can Now Exchange with Japanese Yen

Cryptocurrency XEM Added By Japanese Trading Platform ZaifCryptocurrency exchange Zaif continues to create a buzz in Fintech world. This Japanese owned trading platform announced that they have added a new cryptocurrency we’ve known as XEM. The announcement was made last July 3, 2016, Sunday. Adding new coins in a Cryptocurrency trading platform is very common, however, what makes XEM remarkable as an addition to Zaif is because the concept of the New Economy Movement has an enormous  Japan following.  Recently,  XEM has shown a spectacular increase in value and this is somewhat expected.  It is because of the fact that Japan is the one accountable for the said price increase of XEM. Now, the market cap for this Cryptocurrency is almost $100M US.

Cryptocurrency  Exchange Zaif  Expand Its List

The list of the supported cryptocurrencies of Zaif gets bigger and bigger. Before XEM arrives in Zaif family, they only supported two cryptocurrencies and these are Monacoin and Bitcoin. Zaif becomes more popular now that it has XEM, one of the most successful Cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency XEM Added By Japanese Trading Platform ZaifAnother reason why XEM becomes successful is because of the man behind it. He is Takao Asayama. He is the Zaif exchange CEO. Mr. Asayama is also the New Economy Movement official spokesperson in Japan. Since he is doing a great job with his positions, he was appointed as the Japan Director of NEM and now representing the movement in the whole nation.


CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Lon Wong speaks to the media about the promotion and development of the blockchain technology “NEM”. He said the it is very timely to engage with some people in Japan about the NEM promotion and development. He added that Japan seems to be the quickest among the other countries in the world to jump into this technology, even this was developed and debated in the Europe and USA. Furthermore Lon Wong said that they are very confident with the involvement and commitment shown by Takao Asayama. They know that Mr. Asayama can bring NEM into a new heights in Japan.


Zaif is now considered as the famous Cryptocurrency exchange in Japan and known as one of the pioneer platforms for Cryptocurrency. Anyone can start trading their Japanese Yen with XEM. This coming weeks, people can start trading XEM with Bitcoin as well. The partnership between New Economy Movement and Zaif gets stronger. Zaif’s mother company Tech Bureau Corp uses NEM block chain technology in developing Mijin blockchain.


Cryptocurrency XEM Added By Japanese Trading Platform ZaifWith all the things that are happening in the Cryptocurrency world, it becomes exciting to watch how the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. In a world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, it is an exciting moment for Japan and Cryptocurrency.


Let us see how adding XEM to Zaif platform will affect them. Will they jive together and continue to grow. As of now, everyone is very positive with the outcome. When it comes to technology, let us expect that Japan is always present. Now, that the new economy has started, let’s see which will comes next.

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