Digital Currency Debate: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital Currency Debate

Digital Currency Debate: The Advantages and DisadvantagesDigital Currency debate is all over the news every day. Each of them are claiming that they are the best among the others. One of a great example is Bitcoin versus Ethereum. They’ve compared a lot these days. There is a heated argument among the investors about which of the said cryptocurrency is the best.  One being the pioneer shows strength all through the years and the other one, although new claimed that it fixed what is missing on the other one and this one is better. Every day there are new digital currencies and each of them creates noise in the industry. However, this debate has its advantages and disadvantages and these are as follows:

Digital Currency Debate Advantages and Disadvantages

#1 – Competition is Healthy

Digital Currency Debate: The Advantages and DisadvantagesEvery great thing is challenged by a competition. If it is so promising, many are inspired to do the same and to do more than what their inspiration do. In a way, this debate has its advantage,  for they learned so much about their competition and which are the areas they need to work out. With this, people have the chance to choose which digital currency is best for them and they can rest assured that it will go better and better each day.

#2 – Debate gives Digital Currency more Exposure

Digital Currency Debate: The Advantages and DisadvantagesPeople start to have interest when they always  hear, read and see something. This debate creates  buzz and it reaches out ordinary people (who are not YET an investor). The more a digital currency investor explains about the strength of their coin, the more write ups there is. There are more interviews, ads and this makes people learned more. When the thing becomes ordinary sight, their fear about investing will go away and will start to trust and believe.

#3 – Debate Ruined Each Other

The debate is only great when you uplift your own cryptocurrency but when you started to find flaws on your competitor and you concentrate on how to ruin the other digital currency, it will create damage in the business. It will not only create a damage on the other coin, but with yours as well. Negativity is not helpful in any way. People easily believe negative things and it can easily pass on to other people. People who don’t know much about cryptocurrency see it as one. They easily judge all of the digital currencies based on what they heard about the other one.

Although there are advantages of a digital currency debate, it is time now to put their case at rest. Rather than talking, it is time to show people what they are made of and what they can do, let the debate play on who among the best based on people experience and based on each digital currency performance. If your digital currency is the best then that it is great! It will surely get acknowledgement. Let us not scare away people, let us have peace in the space and let the positivity about the digital currencies prevail.

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