Digital Currency Ethereum is Getting Hotter

Digital Currency Ethereum is Gaining Recognition

Digital Currency Ethereum is Getting HotterDigital Currency Ethereum is getting more popular each day. It is now considered as a 2nd place digital currency, next to Bitcoin. It is growing in value as well. The cryptocurrency is not Ethereum but called “Ether”. Ethereum is the network behind this digital currency. Surprisingly, after almost a year of its launch, the market cap is now more than 1Billion USD. To prove that this Cryptocurrency is the hottest today, last Thursday, it hit another milestone in this industry. It is when the leading mainstream Bitcoin trading platform, Coinbase, supported Ether. With Coinbase customers in 32 countries, Ether can now be traded using the trading platform’s website or through their mobile app.


Digital Currency Ether is More Exciting than Bitcoin


Digital Currency Ethereum is Getting HotterAlthough, Coinbase supports Ether, there is still no assurance that people will patronize it. According to an article written in the New York Times, March issue, the network is complicated that even people who are knowledgeable with this digital currency will be having a hard time explaining it. Ethereum might have encountered troubles in the past, but they manage to overcome it and many Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Ether is more exciting than Bitcoin. This is because of its potential for keeping smart contacts on its network.


Digital Currency Ethereum Sparks Interest


It is not only Coinbase who showed interest on this digital currency by adding Ether on their Cryptocurrency exchange website formally, but there are more developers who are creating and running apps for Ethereum services like blockchain payment through Slack and betting on tech startups in which will get famous first.


Digital Currency Ethereum is Getting HotterOne of the reasons why Coinbase added Ether is that because one of their customers is asking them for a chance to sell ether and this customer is GDAX. By adding this Cryptocurrency on their website means that all of Coinbase partners who are using the “buy widget” can also  do it.


One of these partners is Lawnmower. This company is a mobile app that initially started as a roundup service which will make your spare change as an investment to Bitcoin with the use of Coinbase. It was just recently that Lawnmower had changed their model to permit users to create an automatic Bitcoin purchase one time a month at the price that is set. Only this week, they have updated the app to add a news center for intel on various digital currencies like ripple, litecoin, and ether. It means that Lawnmower shared the same thought with Coinbase that ether is getting into the second spot of the race of cryptocurrencies.


With all the attention that Ether is receiving means that Bitcoin is no longer alone. There might be other crytocurrencies out there, but there is nothing that makes a difference than Ethereum. Bitcoin might be an awesome worldwide transaction network, but Ethereum on the other hand gives us a global computational network.


Coinbase makes it simple for the buyers to understand Ethereum and make the process just a pieace of cake. Coinbase allows investors to get ether through their debit card, credit card or their bank account. Ether is now valuing approximately $12 in the trading and let’s expect more in the days to come with this digital currency.


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