Digital Currency Exchange Start-up Bought by Bitcoin ATM Network

Digital Currency Exchange BitQuick Acqui-hired by the Bitcoin ATM Network

Digital Currency Exchange Start-up Bought by Bitcoin ATM Network Digital Currency Exchange start-up “BitQuick” has now joined forces with Bitcoin ATM business which is “Athena Bitcoin”. Athena Bitcoin mainly operates in the Eastern and Midwest US has recently announced and confirmed buying the Bitcoin exchange start-up with an undisclosed amount. According to the ATM network, they both complement each other in terms of services. One is a physical ATM machine while the other one is a digital currency exchange.  This consolidation only means one thing in a digital currency world and this is a sign of maturity. They are now thinking the users and creating ways on how using this currency will be convenient for them.

Advantages of Digital Currency Services Consolidation

  1. The merge will grow the digital currency user base.Digital Currency Exchange Start-up Bought by Bitcoin ATM Network After the exchange happened, user can withdraw it with the use of the atm machine. This is a perfect blend of the consolidation. Gil Valentine, the COO and co-founder of Athena Bitcoin, said that this will allow their company to give more services for their customers. Since Cryptocurrency is very technical and it makes people skeptical in trying this new trend in the currency world, concentrating on the user platform will help skeptical people who are not tech-minded to give it a go and will also make the active users very happy and satisfied.


  1. This will start a new digital currency quality service. User platform will be developed into a much more efficient way of providing the users a much quality service. This is just a beginning and more services will come after hearing the feedback from the users. That is how technology works. It makes the life of people easier. Athena Bitcoin will give more services and will get more that will complement their service, they are open to give more rounded service to everyone depending on the outside feedback they are hearing.


  1. Users will develop trust and a confident relationship with digital currency providers. The more people use the currency, the more trust they will start to build. The happier they are with platform user experience, the more they will use it often. It is a win-win situation between the user and provider.


Digital Currency Exchange Start-up Bought by Bitcoin ATM Network Quality service is always the key if you want to succeed in your digital currency business. Many people in the industry focus only on developing digital currencies, though it is a good thing, they sometimes neglect helping how users can be able to use it without any hassles. It is the users that matter. Provide them with a product, but you should also provide them all the information they need. Since, we are still on the introduction of this virtual currency, people should be guided accordingly. Not all people know digital currency in a nutshell, but only to its outside nature. People should be also provide with efficient and not too technical way to be involved and to be part of the digital currency world. This integration between BitQuick and Athena Bitcoin is a starting point of digital currency maturity.

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