Digital Currency OneCoin Loses the Last Bank

Digital Currency OneCoin Unable to Accept Wires

Digital Currency OneCoin Loses the Last BankDigital Currency is slowly but surely making its way to be known as the world’s future money. Although, there are many positive things that are happening in the industry like the impact of Trump’s winning the US Presidency which makes the prices of the digital currency rise, especially Bitcoin, Onecoin have a different fate. OneCoin recently loses the last bank.

OneCoin has been unable to use the name of its company, thus, opening banks with other accounts (Shell Company) is the solution that the management came up with and it had been happening every few weeks.  Opening up accounts happened very fast with this online currency and it didn’t take too long before their transaction been filtered and find money laundering activities and therefore shut down for fraudulent act.

Shutting down of OneCoin’s account these past few months had been quick and frequent. Only this October and November, new account had been opened but only last for days and eventually shut down.

OneCoin Last Bank

Digital Currency OneCoin Loses the Last BankAll through the process of opening several accounts and being shut down, the Bank of Africa remains open for OneCoin and had been their reliable bank. However, today the Bank of Africa at last acts and shut down the digital currency account.

OneCoin Management sent a newsletter saying that they can’t open bank account because they are under development and not because of financial fraud. They also advised their affiliates to continue investing with OneCoin through sending money to OneLife.

Digital Currency Bitcoin is still an Option

OneCoin closures of bank accounts impact to the Ponzi scheme are not yet known. Bitcoin is still the digital currency option. However, it is clear that the bank wires created a massive new investment that enters OneCoin.

Another thing to ponder is the affiliate withdrawals which most of it was marked pending or denied. It is also not clear what OneCoin shut downed bank accounts would mean for the affiliates who are trying to withdraw desperately. Same question to the capacity of the company to pay their recruitment commissions.

Digital Currency OneCoin Loses the Last BankYou know that they are in panic mode when Stephan Steinkeller reveals an emergency meeting to talk about the situation in Bulgaria. Stephan told the public not to do transfers today even to Africa branch. He assures everyone that they are coming up with a solution and promised to come back with good news before the week ends.

Pablo Munoz has been silent after he was appointed as the new CEO of OneCoin in October.  Business for Home and Ted Nuyten on the other hand has been promoting OneCoin. Nuyten also appears in the latest OneLife video.

The questions now in digital currency world are:

What is the next move of OneCoin?

How much they are paying Business for Home to promote them?


If you are a digital currency enthusiast, you better be aware in what is happening in the digital currency world. Tell us what you think about OneCoin. Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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