Ethereum Investment Time Has Come

Ethereum Startups Gets Digital Currency VC Firms Interest


Ethereum Investment Time Has ComeEthereum first startup is now getting interest after a few months of its production launch. It receives interest and undisclosed investment from the VC firms that are focused on digital currencies. Interviews with the four leading digital currency investors exposed that there are many who are acting already because of the diligence of startups using this platform.


In 2014, after the Ethereum announcement, it gained an essential grip from the success of hard fork and tests made by the leading financial institutions.


DCG or Digital Currency Group investment associate Travis Scher said that firm based in New York has evaluated 20-30 start-ups which are working with Ethereum. On the other hand, the managing partner o Blockchain Capital said that they already created 2 undisclosed as to date investments with these start-ups.


Ethereum Investment Challenges


Ethereum Investment Challenge # 1 – It is Fairly New


Ethereum Investment Time Has Come1It is risky on the part of the investors to bet on something that is fairly new. Even though it is strong during these times, the majority felt that it is still too early and no one can tell if the developer ecosystem of Ethereum will remain strong on the upcoming months.


Ethereum Investment Challenge # 2 – Community is Small


Since this is new to Cryptocurrency ecosystem, the start-ups community it has built is still small and it makes navigation for the investors a little difficult, this is according to the DCG community director Meltem Demirors.


Ethereum Investment Challenge # 3 – Lack of Mature Entrepreneurs


Another challenge that Ethereum is facing is that it lacks of mature entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs building a community are new to Cryptocurrency world and it makes investors doubt if this will going to work in a long run. Silicon Valley-based incubator Boost VC co-founder Brayton Williams said that as an investor, he is up to finding great people that are looking for a solution to a problem and that are positive that this new cryptocurrency is the answer to the problem. As much as possible they are avoiding people that are just excited with the idea and go out and find a problem.


Ethereum Investment Challenge # 4 – Ability to Overcome Future Problems


Ethereum Investment Time Has ComePantera Capital has been often called an a bitcoin-only investor but venture investor Paul Veradittakit said that they are very eager to have a multi-blockchain approach and this is something they found at in this new cryptocurrency. They are still monitoring the said Cryptocurrency because they still have question in mind such as how this technology can withstand future troubles.


The time is definitely come with this new cryptocurrency even if some investors are still doubtful and looking for more security, they are showing signs that they are ready to dig in once their doubts has been cleared. They are open to invest on this new cryptocurrency when it shows more signs that it will get better and continue on getting stronger. This sure won’t take too long. This cryptocurrency community is confident that there will be more investors coming as the time passed by. Everything is still remain to be seen but the future is bright with Ethereum.

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